Make your business 95% efficient

by automating your business operations.

Automate your business operation

Delivery Routes

Delivery Routes

Just once, bulk upload your customer details and segregate them according to their delivery routes along with their regular supply.

This just takes few minutes time, if you have the data ready



Whenever a person sets out to deliver on a route, a trip sheet can be created in few seconds. The trip sheet has the list of customers and thier supply items to be delivered (accomodating their alterations and cancellations)

This trip sheet will be visible in the delivery person's mobile app who can mark the delivery and/or returns for each customer. It hardly takes 2 seconds to mark delivery for a customer.



When the day comes to send out invoices to customers, you just need to push a button to generate invoices for all the customers.

It will accomodate the customer's prior payments, deliveries and returns and sends out the invoice over email or sms automatically. Its that simple.

Customer Frontend

Customer Frontend

Customer Login

Your customers can login with their registered mobile number and can set a password for their account.

milk supply

Customer Data

After logging in, your customers can view their past supply and their payments in a neat user interface

Supply Alterations

Customers can also cancel or alter their regular supply for a day or range of days. This would automatically reflect in the corresponding trips for those days.

Online Payment

You can optionally have a payment gateway integrated, so that your customers can pay from your app or website.

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Customer Site / Mobile app

You can optionally build up your brand value by having a website and/or mobile app in your brand name to be given to your customers for them to manage their account

Note: This is a paid feature

Operations Backend

Operations Backend

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Team Work

You can have multiple users with different privileges so that they carry out their designated activity alone. Ex. a delivery person can see and manage the trip assigned to just him.

Ease of Use

The interfaces are optimized to be used even by people with no education. Every activity has been automated and needs just touchable actions mostly.

Cloud Support

You can work with desktop/laptop or even mobile app. All the data is safely stored remotely in our datacenters.

Reports & Analytics

A dashboard with daily and monthly view of deliveries and payments keeps you aware of whats going on

More Convenience

More Convenience

Geo Tagging

Tag location of your customers once, so that you don't have to worry changing a delivery person. Just one click will lead any delivery person to the door step of a customer from where ever he is.

Invoice Followups

Make your cash flow easier by automatically following up with customers who hasn't paid for their invoices. You can have repeated follow ups till the pay.

Special Pricing

Some customers are special, and you can set a different pricing just for them. For every delivery, this special price will be accounted automatically.

Empty Bottles Tracking

If you are delivering milk in glass bottles, you can track the returnable empty bottles for each customer.

Customer Communications

You can communicate the deliveries/payments/returns to your customers realtime over SMS or email.


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