Frequently asked questions

Following are some of the questions that we have encountered while conversing with our customers and developers

1. Is this product free to use?

Right now, yes.

2. How will I be charged?

You would be charged on your server(s) usage. Following are the resources we are planning to measure and charge accordingly.

  • Your server's run time.
  • Average amount of server memory while your server is running.
  • Cummulative average of your data storage. This will not include the storage needed for the apps' code that you install in your server.
  • The amount of data transferred in and out of your server.
  • The cost for the apps that you purchased or rented for that month.

You would be charged every month as long as you have a server created in our platform.

3. Give me a ball park estimate on how much I will be charged?

It completely depends on your usage. Our aim is to charge as minimal as possible and our product was designed from scratch with that in mind.

For a small business with all free apps it should be in the range of ₹ 300 - ₹ 500. The cost estimate given here is in Indian Rupee. You can try convert to see how much it is for your currency.

4. Are all the apps free?

For now, yes. But when the billing starts, its upto the developers to decide on the cost of their app. The app developers can mention that in their app's page.

5. How safe is my data?

We store your data in our own storage cluster. Every byte of your data will have three copies. Whenever a copy fails, a new copy will be created immediately, so that you have three copies of every byte of your data, all the time.

6. How are the apps charged?

The app developers must decide the price for their apps. If at all the developer decides to charge for an app, he/she can put a price on various schemes like

  • One time cost
    Customers will be charged in the current billing cycle, when they downloaded this app.

  • Monthly rental
    Recurring costs for every month and would reflect in their monthly bill.

  • Weekly rental
    For every week they use, customers will be charged on their current billing cycle.

  • Daily rental
    For every day they use, customer will be charged on their current billing cycle.

7. When will you start billing?

We are plannig to start billing from January, 2018.

8. How secure is my data?

Every user will be authenticated with unique cryptographic signatures. Any user with invalid crpto signature will not be entertained. So, only authenticated users can access your data. You can infact configure permission to your users, and if a user not permitted by you, though the user is authenticated, he/she will be forbidden from accessing that data.

9. Can my server work in my own domain name?

Yes! You can see more details of it in here