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How it works?

With a set of apps from Aalam App Store, you can easily manage your online sales through multiple marketplace operators.

1. Add a Business Account

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3. Start Managing

Manage it in your own terms!

We give you the utilities to manage your sales to help you make your business decisions clearly.

Usage Based Pricing

Pay only for what you have used

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High Security

Only you and your authorized team members can access your data.

Proven to be useful

We have sellers who file GST returns for the past 1 year, and sellers who changed their fulfillment strategy to maximise profits with data reported by this tool.

What you get?

Our vision with this product is to enable our customers to manage their online sales in a single view, no matter whichever platform they are selling.

Detailed Analytics

See which product sells most and returned most and how they sell across geographic locations.

See which region is giving you the most sales and also the most returns

See how much profit you have earned each day. View Sample.

Feedback Request

Send automated feedback emails to your customers.

You can frame the mail content and can even schedule it on a particular day and time.

Send emails with your logo and from your email address. View Sample.

Inventory tracking

Know how much stock is there in your warehouse and Amazon (or other) warehouses.

Track each and every movement of all your products. View Sample.

Get notified when stock drops below a certain limit.

Ease of Use

All the data are available at your finger tips.

All you need is just a smartphone and internet.

Everything is automatic and you don't need to do anything manually.

More Features

With your product cost updated, view how much profit/loss you exactly make on each order. View Sample

You can download the GSTR1 report in .json format and file it in the GST portal by yourself

Order, Settlement and GST tax reports are downloadable in excel format.


Billing is based on your accounts resource usage. Resources include storage, processing power and internet data. Visit here to know more

If your account usage is less, your charges would be lesser.

Typical usasge costs about ₹750 - ₹950 per month. View sample invoice raised for one of our customer.

How to start?

If you have an android device you can start with our android app

If you don't have an android device, you can start from here

If you need our assistance to setup, call/whatsapp us anytime at +91 93 66 66 11 44 (33)

Sample Reports

You can download these reports in excel format so that you can use it offline for auditing purposes.


Overview of your revenue and exact profit/loss.


Track your cash flow from your marketplace operator.


Detailed report on the sales tax due to be paid.



Some of the frequently asked questions.

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Can I add my employees to my business account?

How does it help with my GST report filing?

Since this is priced based on usage, is there a place where I can monitor my usage?

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