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1 Problems equal oppurtunity

Look for real world problems.

Upsurge of Mobility

These days, people would prefer using their smartphone for any functionality, rather than using it in their desktops or laptops.

Doesn't it make sense that a business owner would want to manage his business with his finger tip?

Cloud Problems

It is inevitable to use a cloud based solution. Having a separate cloud infrastructure for every solution is like having a separate phone for every app. It is not efficient and comes with a huge price.

We take the cloud problem out from you, so that you can focus on your core value. At the same time, giving your users the benefit of cloud.

2 Develop a solution

Add value with your unique solutions.

Why us?

We operate a cloud infrastructure which enables users to create a server for their business and use solutions developed by many like you in them to manage their business

Coding framework

A simple framework for writing web apps is open to use for anyone. It is so simple that it took just two weeks of time to develop an E-Commerce application.

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3 Publish and maintain

Submit your solution and we package, and make it ready for the users to readily use it.

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Provider account

A provider account is like an umbrella for all the apps developed by you. Creating a provider account just needs a Name and a unique Code. You need to signup to do this.


App information

In your provider account, you can create as many apps and add multiple tags to be easily discovered by the users.

App maintenance

Whenever a new version of an app is published, it will get updated automatically for all of its users.

Fix a price

For every app you submit, you can fix multiple pricing schemes like onetime cost, daily, weekly and monthly rental. You can even give your app(s) for free.

As of now, this feature is under development. We'd planned to release this feature before May, 2018 when we actually start billing.

Start developing !

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